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30 Photos That Prove You Have No Idea How Food Is Grown

We are all familiar with what our food looks like on the shelves of the grocery store and prepared on our tables, but what about before that? Since the first food store opened, the Piggly Wiggly in 1916, people have become ever more reliant on trips to the grocery store to fulfill all their family’s food needs. As a result, some of us have lost touch with what our food looks like as it’s growing.

Most of us know that apples and pears grow on trees and grapes grow on a vine. There are some foods, though, that looks downright out of this world before it hits the store shelf! Food that seems basic to us in the grocery store looks foreign and exotic when it’s growing on its own or being cultivated by a farmer.

Some of these foods are more common than you think. For instance, have you ever wondered where tapioca comes from, or what a pineapple “tree” looks like? And what about chocolate?!

We are familiar with so many delicious foods when we’re staring at it in a package or a bin at the market, but more often than not, you wouldn’t know those same foods if you were face to face with them in nature. Here are over 30 photos that will prove this theory, and blow your mind with how our food is actually grown!