30 Incredible Photos No Help Photoshop

September 13th, 2017

Truly great photography comes from light, lens and a great opportunity.

Whether it’s a natural phenomenon or a heartfelt display of human emotion, you’ll see in this collection photos that sometimes you don’t need photoshop to create the perfect shot.

1. Firefly squids

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Takehito Miyatake Source: Takehito Miyatake

These incredible phosphorescent jellyfish light up the night’s ocean in Japan.

2. Fields of blue

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Hiroki Kondu, National Geographic Source: Hiroki Kondu, National Geographic

This beautiful Japanese bloom looks absolutely whimsical.

3. Ants at a raindrop

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Husni Che Ngah Source: Husni Che Ngah

The zoom on this lens created an incredible photo of ants drinking from a raindrop.

4. Pink pond

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bioindustry Source: bioindustry

The millennial pink trend was pulled off in this photo without any help from editing apps.

5. Lightning striking an eruption

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Sigurdur Hrafn Stefnisson Source: Sigurdur Hrafn Stefnisson

Lightning struck just as this volcano was erupting capturing the astonishing force of nature.

6. Patterns on the beach

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Bernhard Lang Source: Bernhard Lang

How mesmerizing are these beach umbrellas on an Italian beach?

7. Moon in a satellite

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Imgur Source: Imgur

The timing of this shot was perfect making it look like the rising moon is resting in this radio satellite.

8. A storybook village

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Fedor Savintsev Source: Fedor Savintsev

This village near Arkhangelsk, Russia looks like it’s straight out of a holiday storybook.

9. Nature’s coolest lizard

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Aditya Permana Source: Aditya Permana

How could you not love this picture? This little guy looks like a total rockstar!

10. Sleeping cloud

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Dmitry Iskhakov Source: Dmitry Iskhakov

It’s crazy when clouds take such realistic shapes, but this photo literally goes above and beyond anything we’ve ever seen.

11. Flock of flamingos

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National Geographic Source: National Geographic

We all know that birds of a feather flock together, but this incredible, aerial shot found this flock of flamingos in a formation that looked exactly like themselves.

12. Hot tea in the arctic

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Imgur Source: Imgur

Hot tea stands no chance against these sub-zero temperatures. The tea froze before hitting the ground creating this beautiful burst.

13. An iceberg above and below

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imgwykop Source: imgwykop

By taking this shot partially submerged in the water, the photographer was able to capture the grandness of this iceberg.

14. Snow on the mountains

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Olga Skutina Source: Olga Skutina

The valley of this small village protected it from the mountain’s snowfall but created a beautiful photo with natural contrast.

15. Rainbow trails

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Yutaka Kagaya Source: Yutaka Kagaya

While a lot of beautiful photos have come from staged shoots that use prisms to create the rainbows, none of them compare to the chance beauty that this photographer captured. The rainbow was caught through the airstream of a passing plane.

16. Light on the mountain

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Jim Pankey Source: Jim Pankey

The icy tops of this peak captured the light of golden hour in a way that makes it look like it’s being artificially lit up.

17. Cold calls

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widelec Source: widelec

This photographer’s timing was near perfect as they captured this Chinese regiment’s morning exercises.

18. Pancake ice

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Igor Podgorny Source: Igor Podgorny

These circular disks of ice form on rough seas creating the illusion of snowy pancakes on the water’s surface.

19. A real life mermaid

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Kurt Arrigo Source: Kurt Arrigo

This beautiful underwater shot looks surreal with all of the fish and blue tones.

20. Lightning

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Egor Nikiforov Source: Egor Nikiforov

Photos of lightning are always incredible because of the small window of time the photographer has to capture the strikes.

21. Flying to the moon

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Sebastien Lebrigand/Solent News/REX/Shutterstock Source: Sebastien Lebrigand/Solent News/REX/Shutterstock

Another subject that’s hard to shoot is the moon. It takes a great lens and a keen eye for composition. This photographer got lucky with the plane climbing by at the perfect time.

22. The tornado touchdown

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omych Source: omych

This Russian photographer captured the pure power of nature in this tornado shot.

23. Before and after

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Evgeniy Green Source: Evgeniy Green

The dirt road dividing this forest stopped a wildfire from spreading further creating a striking contrast.

24. Mirror image

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Andrey Mikhailov Source: Andrey Mikhailov

Sure this photo may look photoshopped, but really it’s just being in the right place at the right time.

25. Above the clouds

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Santiago Borja Source: Santiago Borja

This photo was taken from a plane above the clouds just as a thunderstorm was forming.

26. Red skies for the win

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rasyy.livejournal.com Source: rasyy.livejournal.com

It was hard for the crowd at this game in New York City to pay attention once nature started putting on its own incredible show.

27. A perfectly timed rainbow

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Ivan Turukhano Source: Ivan Turukhano

As it comes through the clouds, this rainbow over The Academy of Arts looks as though it was lifted right from the rim of the building’s circular structure.

28. Rockets take flight

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Imgur Source: Imgur

This perfectly timed photo looks magical as rockets launch, leaving a golden trail.

29. White border

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lacasadelcurioso Source: lacasadelcurioso

The snow on the boarder of Italy and Switzerland creates a beautiful, minimalistic photo.

30. Perfectly synchronized

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Feng Li / Getty Images Source: Feng Li / Getty Images

The photographer who captured this photo has a keen eye for composition.

Which striking photo was your favorite? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!

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