3-year-old anxiously waits onstage. Her Irish dance moves have won the hearts of millions

Though Irish step dancing originated in the mid-1800s it is still practiced today by people of all ages. Most people who have mastered a talent started pursuing their craft as a child.

That’s why there are so many young Irish step dancers who start dancing just a few years after they are born.

Many are inspired by this almost lifelong dedication to Irish step dance, which is why a video of a 3-year-old girl’s performance has gone viral with more than 684,000 views.

The video shows the little girl during her first feis with her Irish step dance dress. Feis is a term for a step dance competition. It’s short for Feiseanna a traditional Gaelic arts and culture festival. Costumes are very important during these competitions in creating stage presence in Irish step dance.

YouTube Screenshot
Source: YouTube Screenshot

People pay a pretty penny for dresses that are a variety of colors and patterns that are meant to attract the judges’ and audience’s eyes during feis.

Some dancers even purchase curled wigs that match their own hair color to add fullness and pizazz.

This little girl was too young for a fancy wig but she did get to wear her traditional Irish dress for the first time and a beautiful headpiece that made her look absolutely precious. The little tyke took a little convincing to get out on onto the dance floor as an adult had to walk her out and give her a little pep talk.

YouTube Screenshot
Source: YouTube Screenshot

But once she starts, she winds up and just totally goes for it. She hops back and forth on her little feet and doesn’t miss a beat.

She lifts her knees high and points her toes. It’s an absolute joy to see her perform. She seemed to remember every single step of her dance routine and didn’t hesitate one bit.

You can tell in a few years, she’s going to be something else.

And people on the internet are absolutely in love with her.

“I’m a world champion and when I entered my first competition I wasn’t even that good, well done,” one YouTuber said.

YouTube Screenshot
Source: YouTube Screenshot

“She is so cute,” another commenter said. I’m used to seeing little girls in their ballet recitals. My girls started ballet and tap at 2 years and 3 years. Their recitals had little girls standing and looking around because they forgot their dance.”

Watch her happy little performance below.

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