10+ Photos Of People With Extraordinarily Unusual Features

December 11th, 2018

We’ve all been inundated with images and advertisements that have set the standard for human beauty for decades now, but true beauty is an ambiguous thing. What one person finds ugly, another can easily find to be the most gorgeous thing they’ve ever seen.

There’s a reason they say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and these photos will prove it. The thing about conventional beauty is that, well, it’s conventional. As people strive to gain an appearance similar to what they’re seeing on TV and in magazines, the look becomes basic and normal.

The people in these pictures, though, don’t fall anywhere in that category and are proving that to be outside of the status quo is to be someone who redefines our very definition of the word beauty. You be the judge as you look through these 15+ pictures of people with extraordinary features.

1. Beauty Of The Wild And Free

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Instagram/anotherbeauty_ Source: Instagram/anotherbeauty_

There are so many rare traits on display in this young woman’s face that come together in a truly unique representation of beauty.

Her red, matted hair offsets her iridescent brown eyes in a way that makes them light up like fire. Her extraordinary features are even more dramatized by her pale skin and prominent display of freckles that softly frame her face. A rare beauty, to be sure!

2. A Skin “Disease” That Leaves You Beautiful

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Instagram/sem_Kobelyan Source: Instagram/sem_Kobelyan

This young man is plagued with the skin disease known as vitiligo. The marker of this disease is a complete loss of pigment in your skin in patches.

The progression of vitiligo can affect your hair and eyes as well, but it is not harmful or contagious. There’s no way to tell how it will progress over time or where colorless patches will evolve, and each person carrying the disease is unique in their looks.

Whereas this guy would otherwise have a relatively normal looking face, the disease that has set him apart has also given him an incredibly rare beauty!

3. Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

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Instagram/hairstylesgents Source: Instagram/hairstylesgents

It has been said time and again that our eyes are reflections of what lies within ourselves. Well, these two must have entire universes within them, because their eyes are strikingly other-worldly!

Sure, this pair of olive-skinned, finely chiseled faces is handsome all on their own in a conventional underwear model sort of way. Paired with their bright gold and green eyes rimmed in thick black lashes, though, they have a very shocking sort of beauty about them.

4. Perfect Imperfection

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Instagram/septembrenell Source: Instagram/septembrenell

Oddly enough, symmetry in shape, space, and color tend to have a heavy influence in setting our standards for beauty, and this includes eye color.

People who have been born with two different eye colors have, throughout history, been seen as an outcast or, at the very least, been considered to be flawed.

Far from a “defect” in physical appearance, though, having two different eye colors can make a person’s beauty that much more shocking, and can stand out in a room full of beautiful people.

5. Beauty In Age

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Bored Panda/Alexander Khimushin Source: Bored Panda/Alexander Khimushin

People spend so much time, money, and effort these days trying to escape the inevitable; getting older. What they don’t seem to realize, though, is that age comes with its own unique sense of beauty.

Each line tells a story of a laugh, tear, or grimace, and every story is evident in the depth of this man’s smile. The soft ring of blue in his eyes add that much more depth to this man from Somaliland’s face!

6. Timeless Beauty

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Instagram/daria_milky Source: Instagram/daria_milky

A beautiful red-head is nothing new, and sure, there seems to be a worldwide superstition that ginger haired folk are lacking in the soul department, but with eyes like these, we find that a little hard to believe.

Pale skin, freckles, red hair…these are three separate features that hundreds of thousands of women complain about having, but this young girl proves that the extraordinary features make for their own stunning beauty. It’s no great wonder that gingers have been considered beautiful throughout the ages!

7. Mysteriously Mystical

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Instagram/melvnin Source: Instagram/melvnin

Silver hair is usually associated with old age, and therefore is the iconic look of old wizards, witches, faeries, and mystics. This beautiful young girl is breathing new life into the outdated and misbranded color.

The rich cocoa shade of her skin stands in sharp, eye-catching contrast to her shimmering silver mane. The silver also brings out the beautiful gray values at play in her eyes, lending her a breathtakingly mystic glow.

8. The Beauty Of Genetics

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Instagram/domineckamarkova Source: Instagram/domineckamarkova

While beauty is often found to be hardwired in our family genes, it generally tends to skip a generation or two. That’s not the case with this crystal-eyed bunch, though.

The woman in the picture is standing with her father and grandfather to showcase their genealogical beauty. Too bad she didn’t make mention of a brother, though. Sorry ladies!

9. The Beauty Of Two

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Instagram/officialmekhilucky_ Source: Instagram/officialmekhilucky_

Over the course of history, the term two-faced has taken on an entirely negative connotation. While being two-faced in terms of personality is definitely not a good thing, having the physical appearance of two faces can be absolutely stunning!

This remarkable young man was born with heterochromia, a condition where the iris of each eye is a different color. The simple change in eye color from one side of his face to another makes it appear as though he is two different people sharing one face, and both are beautiful!

10. Beautiful Freckles

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Instagram/swalina Source: Instagram/swalina

For all the trouble, products, and DIY’s people go through trying to get rid of their freckles, they’re only trying to remove part of what makes them so beautiful! Freckles on a person are as unique as their fingerprints, and a lot of times they only serve to accentuate their more prominent facial features.

Take this beautiful young girl, for instance, whose sprawl of freckles swirl around her eyes and make you feel as though you’re staring into the stars. She’s not beautiful in spite of her freckled face, but because of them!

11. The Shape Of Those Eyes!

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Instagram/katyamiro Source: Instagram/katyamiro

Everyone knows just how stunningly gorgeous someone’s eye color can be, but the shape of a person’s eyes can be equally striking!

If you don’t think so, spend a couple of days checking out the millions of videos on Youtube showing how to achieve that perfect cat-eye shape by applying makeup. People put a lot of effort into getting their eyes to resemble a shape like the one this young woman has, and we can easily see why!

12. A Beauty That Knows No Bounds

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Instagram/olgavetrova Source: Instagram/olgavetrova

Many societies in the world only recognize beauty through the lenses of social class. In areas like these, if you aren’t born into a certain privileged social or financial caste, then you are automatically considered as “lower” in all forms, including that of “beauty”.

Sadly, notions like these are still thriving amongst large populations in countries like Rajasthan, India today. Take hope, though, as young women like this one are proving that there is a powerful beauty that exists outside of castes and classes, and it radiates from within.

13. No, She Is Not A Fairy

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Instagram/oddfreckles Source: Instagram/oddfreckles

This young girl’s beauty is downright out of this world! Without a description of where she comes from, it’s hard to place her. She looks like she has so many different races at play in her bloodline, and her face is the most beautiful representation of each and every one of them.

Her ever so lightly tanned skin covered in freckles gives her eyes an even greater intensity, and the way the arches of her brows reflect the gentle shape of her eyes gives her an incredibly calming and peaceful look. Beauty comes in many forms, but hers is a rare one, to be sure.

14. The Myriad Shades Of Beauty

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Instagram/shaundross Source: Instagram/shaundross

A lot of the time when we are talking about human beauty, we lump people together under just a few colors when, really, nature expresses her beauty in a thousand different shades.

Sometimes, this even happens within a single race. This gorgeous young pair is both considered as being “black” but, clearly, there are different shades.

It is those minute differences combined with the uniqueness of their facial features and expressions that come together to make a person that is as beautiful and individual as a snowflake. This photograph represents this amazing tendency of nature in a captivating way.

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15. A Rare Beauty Among Albinos

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Instagram/tenbo_models Source: Instagram/tenbo_models

Albinism is considered to be a very rare condition in which the body doesn’t have enough melanin to produce pigment in a person’s eyes, skin, or hair. According to statistics, in a world with roughly 7.7 billion people roaming around, only about 1 in every 20,000 people are born with it. While this does indeed make them a rarity, it is even rarer to find them in Eastern cultures, such as Japan, where this shockingly beautiful little girl is from. Her extraordinary lack of color makes her one of the rarest beauties on the planet, and we’re so glad she is proud to show it off!

These are just a few of the people with extraordinary facial features that are changing the human perception of beauty on a daily basis, proving there is both power and beauty in diversity!

H/T: Thinking Humanity