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11 Things You Should Never Wash Down the Drain

April 11th, 2018

When you need to get rid of something quickly and it has a little bit of liquid in it, you dump it in the sink.

If it goes down without any problems, you probably don’t think much about it. A few days later when your sink backs up, you wonder what happened. If the thing you dumped a week ago went down just fine, it’s hard to understand why it would be causing issues now.

There are certain things you shouldn’t dump down the drains in your home. Some of those things are obvious, but there are plenty of others that seem like they would go down well. You might be better off to dump it down a garbage disposal or even in the trash so you can avoid paying a plumber to fix your clogged drain.

1. Pasta and Rice

Pasta and rice both absorb water. When they do, they get bigger. So, when you dump pasta or rice down the sink, expect them to grow as water flows over them. Rice and pasta will probably get stuck in the bends of the sink and simply grow larger and larger until the sink is completely clogged.

2. Eggshells

When eggshells are broken up, they seem like they should fit down a drain with no problem. The issue is, these little pieces become sticky when wet. Instead of being washed down the pipes, they can stick together and form a clog.

3. Flour

You know what flour and water look like when they are mixed together in a bowl. They form the same type of paste when they are combined in your drain. Flour doesn’t go down the drain easily, but it can clog it easily.

4. Medication

Since many medications dissolve in water, many people think it is safe to dump them down the drain. Few medications actually dissolve in water, and they will instead collect in the drain and clog it. Medication can also contaminate the water supply.

5. Hair

You might have found a hair clog in your drain, but has that stopped you from washing more down the tub or sink? Hair collects and entangles in the drain and can create a clog that is almost impossible to remove.

6. Baby Wipes

Some baby wipes may say they’re flushable, but they can still collect in your drains and cause problems. The material they are made of doesn’t dissolve in water easily, so if the pressure of the water doesn’t send them on to other drains, you can bet they will get stuck in yours.

7. Fruit Stickers

If you have ever noticed the stickers on fruit, don’t wash them down the drain. Peel them off and trash them. They stick to the sides of the drain and to each other, and they can cause a clog.

8. Condoms

A lot of people try to flush condoms down the toilet and end up with clog drains. Latex doesn’t dissolve in water, and the condom could sit in your drain forever. More things can pile on top of it, and eventually, the drain will get backed up. Nobody wants to fetch a used condom out of a drain.

9. Cigarette Butts

Before you dump your ashtray down the sink or in the toilet, think about all those butts and how they could pile up in the drain trap or deeper in the drain. Cigarettes don’t dissolve in water, and they don’t flush well.

10. Feminine Products

A lot of ladies flush their feminine products, but this can cause problems when they don’t make it through the drain. Even stores and restaurants have started putting signs in bathrooms asking women not to flush their feminine products because it backs up their toilets. Just toss them in the trash instead.

11. Crafting Materials

If you have clay, paint, glue, or other crafting materials on your hands, it’s a good idea to brush them off before washing your hands. This stuff can get stuck in the drain and prevent water and other things from going down properly.

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