10 Weird Home Remedies That Actually Work
Home remedies are hit or miss. Here are 10 of them that actually work.
Kristi Shinfuku

Modern science has gotten us to the point of utilizing various chemicals to cure nearly everything, but back in the day, people were using home remedies to fix some common bodily issues. Surprisingly, a lot of these actually treat issues!

From spider bites to chapped lips, we’ve listed 10 DIY remedies that have actually been proven to work.

1) Use a potato for a spider bite

This one easily might be one of the weirdest things we’ve read about, but multiple sites note that this actually works! Take a slice of a potato, place it on the bite, and hold it with medical tape. You’ll need to change that every few hours until the bite subsides.

2) Vodka soak for foot odor

Vodka was used back in the day to help with foot odor. Just soak your feet into vodka and wipe them with a towel afterwards. Rubbing alcohol also apparently works great just as well!

3) Yogurt for your breath

Yogurt is apparently great for preventing bad breath. Probiotics in the yogurt fight the bacteria that causes bad breath. also notes gargling with lemon juice can also help fight bad breath.

4) Olives for motion sickness

Have a problem with motion sickness? Try some olives. Olives contain tannins, a compound that helps dry out the mouth and ease queasiness.

5) Sugar for hiccups

If you’ve got hiccups that just won’t quit, consider taking a teaspoon of sugar for relief. Supposedly, the dry granules stimulate and help resets the nerves that are making your diaphram spasm.

6) Olive Oil for chapped lips

This one makes a lot of sense, and we’re definitely going to try this one out. Just simply rub some oil onto your lips when they are chapped. It should feel instantaneously better, even if it takes a few days for it to fix itself naturally. Use olive oil

7) Black Tea for puffy eyes

Black tea also contains tannins, which deflates and tightens the bags under eyes. Put the teabag

8) Cure nausea with ginger chips

Frozen ginger chips can help with nausea. To make these chips, infuse fresh ginger in hot water, and then strain and freeze water in ice cube trays. Suck on these ice chips throughout the day to ease any issues with nausea.

9) Use a pencil to fix headaches

A lot of our headaches can stem from us subconsciously clenching our jaws through the day. To treat this headache, place a pencil in between your teeth to relax your jaw.

10) Dark chocolate to stifle coughs

If you’re trying to settle your coughing, think about snacking on dark chocolate. It contains a compound called theobromine that’s reportedly better than codeine in suppressing coughs, without the drowsiness attached!

Of course, with all of the advances in science, medicine will be massively important in our lives. However, there are little things we can do to ease everyday pains and annoyances, and all of these are tried and true methods of using noninvasive materials to help. Good luck!

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Source: Remedy Daily

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By Kristi Shinfuku
Kristi Shinfuku is a contributor at SBLY Media.